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TGIF everyone!  I come back again with another travelogue! :)

We made a trip to Hitachi Seaside Park during our previous trip to Japan and I purposely marked it as one of the must-visit places in my itinerary for this trip. I have heard so many wonders about this spacious park located in Ibaraki Perfecture. It features a variety of seasonal flower spread out across 190 hectares, a small amusement park and cycling paths. This park is well-known for its baby blue eyes flowers (blue nemophila) in late April to early May and follow by a sea of red kochia in mid October to late November. This time round, I'm there for the red kochia!

You must be wondering what so special about this place? 

Scroll down for more and let the pictures below do the talking.  




We slowly made our way to the top of the hill and the view was simply breathtaking. The weather was great too.

My mom tryin' to do the hide-and-seek post hehe. 

So the daugther follows. Here's kind of my version of hide-and-seek. Gotcha!:)

Cosmos but not in full bloom yet :( 

Miharashi Hill, where the Kochia bushes were planted. 

I get quite disappointed with this view as I thought it would be in the shade of crimson. Here's a kind reminder, make sure you keep your eyes peeled to the official website to get more instant information about the bloom schedule a.ka the flower calendar as the staffs will make timely updates.

Click here for more info. 

How to get there? 

Hitachi Seaside Park is located at Hitachinaka, approximately 1.5 hours away from Tokyo. We have selected the shortest route from our airbnb apartment, which is a train ride from JR Gotanda Station to Ueno station. From there, we took JR Joban line to Katsuta station (approximately 70 mins), hop on Ibaraki Kotsu bus no.2 (depart every 15 minutes) and alight at Hitachi Seaside Park. 

Local train from Ueno station to Katsuta station - 2270 yen 
Bus from Katsuta station to Hitachi Seaside Park - 400 yen 

Opening hours vary from season to season so make sure you double check the opening hours before you plan a trip there. 

0930 to 1700 (March 1 to July 20, September to October 31)
0930 to 1800 (July 21 to August 31)
0930 to 1630 (November 1 to February 28)

Entrance of Hitachi Seaside Park. 

You are required to pay an entrance ticket for 410 yen per pax.

Goodbye Hitachi Seaside Park and till we meet again. When will be next? Probably when baby kochia shrubs turn into the shade of crimson? 

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Till next time. 

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