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Ohaiyo everybody! :) It's Thursday again, I can't believe how fast can time flies but  today is the 5th of Dec now. 25 days more till 2014. A new beginning is awaiting for us. Can you believe that? I always love December so much cause Christmas is just around the corner (my favourite festive! ) but at the same time my course will be commencing on mid of Dec,it's accounting degree course to be more specific , that sounds pretty sad isn't? Nuuuuuuu. :( Cause mainly i was just get used to my holiday's life. Relax yet unwind. I can also foresee how much hard works i've to put on my school works. But at this moment, I not going to rant about this.

Let's just share you about something fun ok? Actually i just backed from Malacca yesterday with my friends as i've already mentioned on my previous post right? We spent most of the time food hunting instead of shopping. Yes, lots of nice foods. But not going to show you at this post. Hahaha. Decided to leave it for next post.

The main intention of creating this entry is because i got a nice-looking romper online and I want to share with you. 

Are you ready? If you're more likely a big fan of romper, you should definitely love this as much as i do.

Love this the most. Even though the colors may not seem to be outstanding.

This is the exactly how the romper look like. Super pretty right?

The big X at the back.

Mad love this romper. From the cutting,material and also the tone.

Normal ootd shot inside the hotel room is too common so we decided to shift this to outside - by the pool.

" Someone date me please "

In case you're doubting where i get my flora crown from. It's actually from BKK.

Love the romper same as me? Super love their services and material of their clothes. This is the second time that i bought online from this shop and can't wait for my next purchase. If you're wondering,I got it from Shoplooh.com . Faster head to their site and check them out. They're having Christmas promotions too so what are you waiting for? Act fast... hehehe.

That's all for today. Hope that you enjoy reading..


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