Last Day In HCM City

Sorry for the long hiatus as i was on another vacation with my friends for the past 15 days thus not able to update my last Vietnam's post till now. So guilty about it so have to update more often start from now.haha. 

Last day in Vietnam was pretty relax cause we had joined land tour to Mekong River. It took approximately 2 hrs ride from our place (Novotel) to reach the harbour.

Ready for some visuals?

Weather on that day was pleasantly good and windy..

And our tour guide! No worries cause she's able to speak English.

So the boat will actually stops at few places. First place was Bee Farm.. Got our honey + bee pollen as welcome drinks.

Some refreshments that they've prepared for us. All dried fruits such as bananas and gingers.

Was exploring the bee have timidly.

And tadahhh.

And the next stop was  an orchard. Like all the tropical fruits that have in Malaysia too.. Pineapples,bananas,longan......Pineapples was super sweet!

 Followed by dragon fruits and also jackfruits.

Some traditional Vietnamese performance was going on while we were enjoying our tropical fruits.
Helllo mini pineapple..Can i bring you home?hehe..

Coconut candies at the third stop. Handmade coconut candies were chewy and nice.

And last but not least..It's lunch time..

Not eating that horse but we had a horse ride to our restaurant..

Nom nom nom

That's all for my Vietnam trip.Working really hard on editing and compiling all these photos..hehe..

Truly hope that has the chance to visit this place again in the near future not only for shopping but for foods too..For those who are going to visit Vietnam,please do remember to visit Saigon Square for shopping cause clothes there are like super cheap..


Till next time..

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