PT 1: BKK Trip // Big C Supermarket // Asiatique The Riverfront

Hello everyone I'm back from this space again after the long hiatus. BKK is like the typical country that i will usually visit every year so same goes to this year. Just went there last Thursday  and had fun there. Most importantly, i truly enjoy shopping in Bkk.  Flew there by Malaysia Airlines and touched down Suvarnabhumi Airport. Here is kind reminder for you guys. Better don't take take any taxi from airport to the city during 5-7pm cause there will be massive jam. Caught in jam almost one and half hour only reach our hotel - The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam. If you're looking accommodation in BKK, you can try to google for this.

Morning from land of smiles.

We shop for grocery on the first day. This was taken in Big C supermarket. Well-known supermarket in Bkk and it's my favourite supermarket.

A trolley of goods.

Just wanted to replenish my favourite junk food and Jele.

Pretz is only 20 baht each.

Lays potato chips in Thailand was so cheap.

Happy girl is happy. And i'm holding my favourite Betagen drink too.

After fruitful grocery shopping in Big C, another round of shopping was happened in Platinum Fashion Mall. The mall that sells clothes at cheap rates and it was the largest wholesale and retail fashion mall in Thailand. How to buy at cheaper price? Remember to buy in bulk and most of them allow you to mix and match within the same shops. 

Some really good-looking belts selling at 39 baht only.

Had lunch at MCD cause i want to eat their pork burger.

I'm so hungry after some dreadful shopping. nom nom. After having my scrumptious lunch,just headed back for another round of shopping again.

Visited Asiatique The Riverfront at night. Such a nice place to chill with such beautiful view. Took van to there and the whole journey from my hotel to Asiatiques was roughly 40 min.

 Ferris Wheel in Asiatique. Such a spectacular landmark in this place.

Dined at Kacha Kacha Japanese Restaurant. The food was overall pleasantly good especially for the sausage. 

Sending loves from Thailand. Promise to myself. Send at least a postcard for myself whenever i'm travelling. Passed by this vintage shop and decided to send myself a postcard. The shop owner was so generous and they do provide colorful ink pens and cute stamps too.

35 bath for one including stamp.

Tried this rolled ice-cream at there. Super nice and special. Communication barrier happened between mw and the seller so ended i choose mango and lychee flavour for myself. I actually wanted oreo cookies and chocolate instead. 

 Ferris wheel, milk tea and me. Just chilling and people-spotting at the same time.

Met a husky that sit opposite of me. Never knew husky can be obedient too.

Last but not least, I was wearing my favourite daisy bustier skirt that day that i got it from Melody Wardrobe online. Lovin' the daisy detail on the pink skirt.

This post sums up my day 1 in Bkk and will be publishing part 2 and 3 soon so stay tuned guys. Till next time.

With love,

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