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Hello guys! How's your long weekend?

My holiday was great! Decided to visit Pulau Ketam or " Crab Island" last weekend with my mom and her friends since long weekend is perfect for all sort of getaway, no matter you're heading out of country for  short vacation or visit some unique places in Malaysia. Pulau Ketam is a small island that located off the coast of Port Klang and accessible from Port Klang jetty easily by ferry or speed boat. Ferry service available daily at RM 7 per person while speed boat is slightly expensive than ferry which costs RM10 per person. 

Holla from the ferry!

We've finally reach this humble island after 45 mins of ferry ride. One of the special thing of this village is that there's no cars,  there are only bicycles instead and some of them are motorised. 

Bicycle rental available in most of the stalls at RM 5 per day. 

Can you spot the hilarious amount of bicycles?

One of the local food there which is lala (commonly known as clams) or oyster omelette.

And you'll be seeing multiple temples located in this island. 

While us taking stroll in the residential areas. 

Some of the owner sell dried seafood infornt of their house and here is one of the picture with dried salty fish. 

You can still see the older rickety plank bridge that linked to some of the housing area.

Me and HS having fun in the middle of the wooden bridge hehe.. 

Is is extremely sad to see this scene by myself. How can this beautiful filled with garbage all over the places. :'( I believe that each and everyone of us plays important role in maintaining the cleanliness of the whole environment. So people, please stop littering. 

Is it too adorable to see how the locals paint their house. See how colorful is it. Personally like the combination of pink and purple. 

Tried this " Apam Balik" form this auntie @RM 1.10. Big thumb up for this and make sure you tried it when you are there. 

Pulau Ketam's style of nasi lemak. Never had the chance to try, maybe next time round?

Stopped by some coffee shop to try the "lala" omelette and deep fried prawn balls. Another great foods to recommend!

We have 3 portion of omelette from 3 different stalls and we found out that this stall serves the best "lala" omelette in Pulau Ketam. Auntie and uncle are so kind enough to recommend us which restaurant serves the best seafood. 

Just a reminder, this stall only opens once a week which is only operating on Sunday. 

Despite how full we are, we still have room for seafood feast at Pin Heong Seafood Restaurant. We are unlucky cause crabs are all sold out in the afternoon so we can only tried their fish ball soup, fried clams and fried sotong. 

End my post with one of my OOTD. 

Boyfriend Shirt X Ripped Shorts 

Hope you guys enjoy reading my post and I hope you guys find it informative that you can plan for your visit. Heading back to Singland for mother's day celebration. See you guys at my Instgram/ Twitter @sereneleticia.

Have a good night!

With love, 


  1. Hi Serene! It's almost a year and I drop by again! ^^
    Did you tried the seafood at Pulau Ketam?
    Highly recommend Remember Seafood Restaurant! The crab is as big as you can't imagine!
    Hope you enjoy the trip!

    Feel free to drop by my blog at http://jo3ygirl.blogspot.com

  2. I am loving your crab Island pictures guys! Not only is the clarity in those pictures amazing, they really do give you the feeling you are walking down those narrow pathways. It is amazing that the aisles are wide enough for a bike only, yet there is no congestion or craziness in the pics. The food pictures look so delicious I can smell them!

    Crystal Carson @ Tacky Jacks

  3. Wow, great photos. It looks like you and your friend had a great time traveling. I saw some pretty delicious foods in a few of those shots. The chicken teriyaki stir-fry is one of my personal favorites. What was the dish that you loved the most in all of your traveling?

    Timmy Dixon @ Pour House


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