Saturday Fun!

Hello everyone!! Weekend should always be fun with lovely people around. Share the joy together. Hope you are doing well during your weekend as mine. Kicked start my lovely Saturday by meeting my A-level classmates and we decided to give dry bahkutteh in Klang a shot. Never try any dry bahkutteh before and heard that it was seriously scrumptious so this was one of the reason that motivates me to wake up more early to get myself ready. Apart from that, Mandy just came back all the way from Perth so i think i couldn't missed out this reunion or else it need to wait for another decade to meet her.

Eagerly to meet them. Five of us happily noming the yummy bahkutteh and one group shot before leaving.

If you didn't tried any dry bahkutteh before. This is for you! Pork rib with combination of lady fingers in claypot. Thumbs up!

Headed to Black ball for some desserts plus we need some nice place to chitchat and also take pictures so we just promptly changed our venue.

Surprisingly,it tasted really good. But im still sticked to Snowflakes. Hehehe.

Candid candid~

Jessica, Meiying and yours truly.

Stayed there for nearly an hour. Having great time talking with them and also took lots of pictures. #girlymoments

With Meiying.

Jess Jess Jessica.

Mandy.  The girl who came back all the way from Perth. Please take good care over there and meet u up in coming Jan okay? Please take one picture of you and your sport car to show me.*Vrom vrom* hehehhe  And also huge thanks for helping me to get my favorite candies.

And also Shenyin.

Did some grocery shopping at Sunway Pyramid with fam and went to Paradise Inn for tea break.

Tried their signature dish - 扣肉包 and it was super yummy.

Visited Cheryl after that. Was really excited to meet her every time because i'm so looking forward for her improvements. Every single improvements just mean so much to us. She is doing pretty well as she can move her leg and movements of her eyes getting more agile. She can even speaks a little very slowly and give us extremely bright smile.

Thank you for those who concerns about her. She's getting a lot better now. ;)

It's Dinner time!! What for dinner? It was Coco Steambot that famous of their pork bone soup. Love steambot especially during rainy day.

Mom and Cadee..

Steambottttt time <3 p="">

Major love of my necklace that presented by my friend. Thank you so much.

That's all for today. It was really a good good day indeed. And hoping to catch up with my ex-classmates more often and spend quality time with my fam.

Goodnight. xoxo.

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