Mama's Birthday

Hope you enjoy the previous post that i've shared with you guys on Monday and today i'm gonna do an update for my mama's birthday celebration last night. And surprisingly, today is her lunar calendar birthday too,so once again happy birthday mama. Had steambot dinner with family and her friends, simple celebration indeed.

This is my beloved mom. As if you have read my previous post, i had mentioned about her. She's strong pillar of strength to throughout all these years. And most importantly,she loves me with all she can. I'm truly blessed to have such dedicated mom.

Dolled up for the party.And loving my coordinate yesterday.

 Colorful two-piece from Bkk few years ago and i finally can wear it because i slighty lose some weight this year. Can't wait for my bkk trip to "sapu" more and more nice clothes.

Chloe , Cason and Cadee joined us for dinner too. 

Best outfit of the day goes to Cadee pang with her outstanding tutu skirt. She matched her attire herself and make herself like baby ribena cause both top and skirt were pastel purple. haah.

Cason boy and I. Super unwilling to take pictures with me huh?
Feasting time.

I'm lucky girl yesterday cause I managed to grab Choc mud from SR before it's OOS. Usually only left chocolate indulgence. Ultimate love choc mud cake.

Thank you for reading. Xoxo.


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