[ My photoshoot with Nineteen89 ]

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Finally came back for another post (I'm so exciting to share this post with all of you cause I personally LOVE all the photos. I can't wait to share! ) but not travelogue yet cause I'm still trying to sort out more relevant information for you guys as much as I can like what is my total expenses for 10 days and questions regarding accommodations. :) Oh yes, my work is still alright for as I go for training for two days continuously. 

Anyhooooooos, it has been a really great journey with my favourite blogshop - Nineteen89 Boutique. This is my second time working for them. First time we had an indoor shoot in studio and we went for outdoor photoshoot for the second time, which is quite different from their previous launch. I have to say that I truly enjoy the moment very much cause I'm doing things that make me happy and crave since very long ago. I always feel grateful because I was given exposure to online shop modelling and huge thanks for the owner, Irene for giving me opportunity to try and trust me even though I am just an ordinary girl with no experience at all. We both became close friends ever since then and I have to said she's a really nice, humble and down-to-earth  :) Apart from that, I feel relieved when all of the photos turned out as expected / not really bad. 

Don't believe that? 




Let me show you guys some visuals! 

All pictures are credited to Nineteen89 Boutique. 

One of my favourite shoot! I guess white shirt is a must-have for every girls! So what are you waiting for? Just grab it from them ASAP. :)

Besides, they are taking pre order for this little cute Helen bag in white color too! Act fast or else you're gonna regret for not getting it cause the quality is so good.

Looking for some sporty apparels? Then u must check out these polo tees that available in four different shades. 

Casual OOTD made up by a chic polo tee + runner shorts/denim shorts + kicks = you're ready to go!

Cross over stripe top that is so versatile and fits perfectly. Paired it with midi skirt for different kind of styles. 

Korean-ish inspired OOTD.

Nineteen89 self manufactured glittery baby doll dress. If you have doubt with their material, I am here to assure you cause the material is so comfyyyy yet soft cause the owner pick the fabric by herself. 

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Yeah it's Friday tomorrow! Happy Friday and weekends guys.

Thank you so much for reading and have some good rest.

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  1. OMG i love this shop! I follow them on Instagram, but I never knew they had their own website! That would make shopping from them such a better experience!
    Can't wait to shop there!
    Would love it if you could check out my blog and follow me there!
    xx Lany xx


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