Travelogue: ChengDu//JiuZhaiGou

Aloha everyone!! If you're following my Instagram then you will probably know that I just came back from China a few days ago. This time around my mom, her friends and I visited 成都//九寨沟 for 8 days in total. Definitely amazing yet memorable trip with all of them. I can't even use single word to describe those magnificent views and sceneries in 九寨沟 cause all of them are beyond amazing. The clear blue sky, crystal clear water... Apart from that, I also able to visit Research Base Of Giant Panda that located in ChegDu to see all the cutie pandas. I will just let photos do the talking, alright?

DAY 1 - Enroute to JiuZaiGou

Greetings from ChengDu. Woke up early that day to have breakfast at our hotel and ready for 10 hours bus ride to reach our final destination. 

Look at the clear blue sky. 

 p/s: Ride on this yak (牦妞) for taking photos only. 

Day 2 - Amazing JiuZhaiGou

 Woke up early again to start our adventure in JiuZhaiGou which is also known as "Valley Of Nine Villages". Selfie in the bus before hair bun getting messy.

Fresh fruits everywhere.

Hopped onto shuttle bus and stopped us at Long Lake which is also the highest,largest and deepest lake in JiuZhaiGou. Look how magnificent the view is. 

Next stop - Five Color Pond (五彩池) which was 800m away from Long Lake. Let's check out how clear the water is. Omg I can't believe it was real at my first sight cause it was so so so amazinggggg. 

I'm showing you guys what I've seen. It's real, no joke. 

This was taken at Five Flower Lake (五花海). You can see from my picture that there are many ancient fallen tree trunks at the bottom of the lake. 

The Pearl Shaol WaterFall ( 珍珠滩瀑布). 

DAY 3 - 10hours Journey Back To ChengDu

Bought this panda plush hat for only RMB 30 right after my tour guide told me that hug a real panda cost about RMB 2000 which is unaffordable to me. 

Bus drive is kind enough to stop us by the road side to take photos of the snow mountain at the back. You must be really observative enough to spot in. hehe.

Big juicy seedless grapes.

Day 4 - Mt Emei

Bumped into super adorable black poodle. 

Beer beer everyday cause soft drinks like Sprite or Coca-Cola are exepnsive then beer. 

Day 5 - On The Cruise To Visit LeShan Buddha

LeShan Buddha is the largest stone craved sitting Buddhist in the world so far. 

Visited ZhaiXiangZi & KuanXiangZi Alley. 

Always love exterior of Starbucks Coffee in China even though I'm not a Starbucks lover. Look vintage and ancient as well.

All kind of street foods. Look scrumptious isn't? Too bad I have limited space for all of these.

Crunchy fried potato chips.

Look at the maltose candy. They made it on the spot based on your preference. I got myself a birdie.

Another famous street food - 三大炮.


You can see cute pandas every where. This was taken inside a restaurant.

Day 6 - Visited Research Base Of Giant Panda Breeding in ChengDu *ohai to all the cute pandas*

1 month old cute baby pandas. Adorable cutie pies. 

Grabbed one panda plush toy to selfie. 

Mommy's love <3 p="">

And there are red pandas that look like squirrel. Super cute right?

Visited JinLi Ancient Street at the same day. 

Tried smelly tofu there and surprisingly it tasted really good.

RMB 20 for lemon tea in mason jar.

How can visiting Sichua/ChengDu without having "ma la" hotpot?

And last but not least, below are my OOTDs for the entire trip :)


Thanks for reading everyone. And sorry for not updating often cause I have some problems with my house's wifi that refrain me from blogging. Uploading photos alone already took me a day to get it done. 

Coming up next >>> Penang trip.

Stay tuned ya everyone and have a great long weekend everyone.

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With love,


  1. Thanks for sharing. Your pictures are amazing. After seeing your pics, I'm super eager to go visit now:)) Initially I wasn't so keen on China ...haha...
    Thanks!!! & by the way, you look GREAT !!!

  2. Hi, just checking if you managed to connect to internet up in the mountains?


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