BLING it up!

It's DIY post again,i don't know why I'm so into DIY recently but as title has already mentioned,this blog entry is about BLING your stuffs up..Do you find that your stuffs in dark & dull colors very boring and too common?

If yes and you wish to distinguish your stuffs with others,you should keep on scrolling...

This post specifically mean for you..



Some brilliant ideas came across my mind and i've worked that out..The outcomes were satisfying that's why i'm sharing v you guys here..*jumping around*

Got this ordinary sling bag from H&M for only $17.90 and I'm gonna transform it into unusual sling bag that i've ever had.. Okay maybe i'm way too exaggerate but i really love the outcome cause it has became outstanding and extraordinary..Well,at least for me..haha..

U may need to prepare some self-adhesive glittery beads..I got mine from Daiso for only $2!!Speaking about colors,it depends on your preferences and what stuffs that you gonna decorate..

This is how i've designed my bag..It has became new bag for me and even more trendy right?..

Close up shot..Flower with 5 petals and also other glittery beads around it...

Me with my new bag..Looking good ya?

If you like it,you can try it out too..Just in case you don't like glittery beads,you can also try something different like using studs or spikes right? It will be even more trendy yet fashionable..

So what others that can you DIY for?

Yeah!you've guessed it right which was BOBBY PINS!! (even though my bobby pins can't last for long period cause i usually make it lost ) But anyways! I've transformed my simple bobby pins into pretty one by just sticking beads on it..

Tadah! Very pretty right?

Happy DIY guys!Have a nice weekend ahead!

That's all for today..Bye Bye ^^


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