Universal Studio Singaopre

USS with friends during my revision week was so fun and exciting..Planned this quite some time ago and after arranging all of our busy schedule,we finally make it..Yeah..I've been to there once and this was my second time..Love everything there plus I'm impressed by the Transformer ride which was first in the world,so i think i should have stepped in USS again! :D

Kicked off our journey pretty early and reached there around 9 something to avoid crowd..Us at Broadwalk..

There are actually few ways that u can use,but we choose to use broadwalk from Vivo City and only for $1..

Good Morning Sentosa..You can imagine how bright is the sun of that day right?

Us chilling at Sentosa Information Centre for awhile..

One more snap before starting our adventurous day..

First stop was Transformer - The Ride..my main purpose of coming USS again is to try this out..So we make it the first stop..Well,I don't really watch Transformer before but..

Are you ready to save the world?

Yes,We are..

Luckily the queue wasn't that long..

Don't have any idea what am i doing..= =

Yeay that was us after saving the earth!haha..Not really scary but the 4D effect was beyond amaaaaazing..

We need a short break after saving the earth right?By the time we were having short break,we coincidentally met Sesame Street characters..In case you don't know,I'm here to tell you I'm huge fans of Elmooooo ahhh!


Some shows were going on..

and then was photography session!!Please bear with the bad quality images,I don't know why too..
Beloved Elmo with me <3 nbsp="" p="">

Since each of them only have 8-9 minutes for photography session so we only able and allow for group's shoot instead of individual's shoot.Very unsystematic way of queuing and some of them even cut our queue..><

Group shoot 1 with Grover..

Group Shoot 2 with face palm Ernie..

After that,we were going to accomplish another more scary task..which was Cylon Ride..

After stuffing our things at the locker,we went to queue for this..Our conversation while queuing up for the ride was mainly : "Eh i very scare leh can don't play or not" , "can i wait you all outside ah" , "you seeeee my heart beats very fast leh" , "."i very scare i got heart attack during the ride then i die ahhh". All those stupid statements from us..

But i proudly announce that we successfully took the challenge.


Lunch time after screaming,yelling and heart attacking moments..and i guessed our stomach start growling since we only had light breakfast..Decided to go  fast food shop..

Spent small amount of money on foods cause we've got complimentary meal vouchers..

all of them start eating and left me who still has some energy to take pic ah i think..haah..

Noming timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Headed to Madagascar Boat Ride..

*I like to move it move it..*I like to move it move it..move itttt!*

We've chosen some relaxing ride to let us digest our food just to prevent we puke our friend chicken out during some other exciting ride..Benefit for all okay? *Chuckle*


Tried this Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase..Decorations inside were too cuteee..

Elmo Elmo ELMOOOO.

Far Far Away for Sherk 4D and also the dragoon ride..

Catch parade which specifically happen on Saturday and Sunday only..Don't know who suggested to take video so i've got not much pics to show here..or say the other way round..i only have 1 pic for parade ==

Mission completed too for Mummy ride..

Jurassic Park.

Kung Fu Panda! aza aza fighting yo ^^

Met this amiable popcorn truckk..

Alright..i'm stopping here & Good bye USS!!

Tata guys..

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