DanShui Fisherman's Wharf - Shilin Night Market

It has been a very tough week for me. Bad news bad news and bad news!  But still i'm looking forward for a great days with good news. Sorry for the lack updates.

Back with another new updates for my Taiwan's travelogue and this time gonna be about Danshui Fisherman's Wharf which surprisingly a beautiful place that four of us love it very much and headed to Shilin Night Market after that.

It was a great place for chilling. How I wish i was there every evening for a walk? My life would be complete...

Who says we can't meet giant rubber duck other than HK? We found out another one in Taiwan too! hehehe..

Tandem bicycle was so hard to ride. Hard to find the equilibrium point so we spent most of the time walking and screaming instead. Anyways,it was fun tho.

Glorious views.

Purposely made our visit in the evening again same with Taipei101 but this time we're gonna catch sunset.

You can see how big the "egg yolk" was. Not forgetting to tell you that wind was so strong at there thus most of my pictures looked really vague.

Purplish-orangey sky.

Goodbye Danshui~ Will surely visit this lovely place again and definately going to spend my evening there again.

Headed to Shilin Night Market and met this poodle at the train station. Look at it's legs like wearing stockings right? 

Didn't took any photos there because I was really so hungry at that time plus shopping crazily over there. So many cheap clothes and shoes!!I'm so sorry for that..
  Gonna end my post here.

Goodbye all and wish you have a nice weeekend =)

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