[ CONT. ] Visuals By The Beach

Aloha everyone. How was you day so far? I hope that you're doing really great on a blue monday. Just back from dinner and decided to blog again. Wuhoooo love being how effective I am right now and realised blogging is getting more fun now. And of course, I hope you'd enjoy reading my post and love what I've shared with you guys previously.

Alright, this post might be different from my usual post and slightly interesting. Haha I think. If you came across my post that i've posted about food hunt in Malacca, you probably know that i did an impromptu mini shot by the beach - Pantai Klebang right? Thus this is the main intention of drafting this post at this hour.

Can't even wait for a minute..




Coconut milkshake is the best remedy for such hot weather.

They finally dig out few mins to snap their OOTDs as well.

Thank you so much for their patience for helping me to take such beautiful pictures. Truly blessed.

Thank you so much for reading. And good slumber everyone.

With love,

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