Travelogue : Chocolate Ville ( Bangkok part 4 )

Hello guys & happy mid-week!! Totally have to update another travelogue first just in case I have no time to blog soon cause exam is coming on next weeeeek! This trip to BKK exactly makes my experience broader cause I went to few places that I never been to before and it changed my mind and impression toward BKK completely because BKK not only shopping heaven but there are still many places are unique and worth for paying a visit.

I decided to just to blog about // Chocolate Ville // solely because this place was so amazingly beautiful and designs there were brilliant and can't even take my eyes of it.  This park is far from city as well and it takes roughly 1 hour to reach there but definitely not for peak hours. We departed at 5 o'clock and we reached there at around 7pm. Can you imagine how congested was the traffic on that day or maybe the entire Bangkok city..

Mandatory selfie out the hotel.

#OOTD : Flora Oversize Crop Top X Turquoise Skater Skirt

Whole set from BKK!

Walking shoot.

Me, Cat Mama and my aunt.

Hs and I.. and his shirt from BKK as well hehe.

Boredom strike so just selfie in taxi. 

When our driver told us we've reached our destination, I'm totally amaze by this place and seemed like I was in another country with huge windmill was welcoming us. 


 And I was so hungry by that time and I just suggested them to try this restaurant even though there are few options / restaurants but all seem to be very crowded. So we've decided to try on this one.

Foods there were quite pricy but it tasted really good as well as the surrounding and ambience.

Order this Teriyaki Grill Chicken.

And they served really good pizza. 

Squid ink pasta with very hot chilli paste. I can't withstand this extremely spicy dish X:

Pad Thai was as good as the pizza.

Walked around this Ville and every piece of decorations there were extremely splendid.

I can meet with rubber duck without going to HK or TW too. hehe.

Bye bye Chocolate Ville. See you next time.

Initially, we've decided to go back hotel to rest early but I suggested them to try Mango Tango cause it was already our second last night in BKK and I'm really craving for mango sticky rice. And we googled about the closing time and of it and we realised that they close at10PM. But my mom said just try our luck maybe it's still open or if it is closed, we can just get mango sticky rice in the night market infront of Siam Square. 

But we're so lucky and there are people Q-ing inside. Quickly approached the staff and they let us to order. So big yeay for it!!

 Legendary mango stick rice. But the portion is quite small thou..

And we've ordered mango aloha and mango pudding at the same time. 
 Love everthing mango.. 

I'm finally done with part 4 of my Bnagkok trip. and left only 1 part to complete to whole travelogue for BKK/April. Can't wait for my next visit to there again.

Till then.

With love,


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