Travelogue: Hua Hin Road Trip...

Finally assignments are over and I can't hold my excitement for even a seconds cause I can stay away from assignments until the next term. Not sure about you but I'm totally not a assignment type of person maybe i don't prefer to do researches and I prefer exams more. But however, I have to accept the fact that I need to submit assignments. I need I need I need to.

This post dedicates to Hua Hin, a beautiful city that we've finally made our trip there after several considerations because it takes two and half a hour or even more to reach there. But after visiting Santorini Park @ Cha am// Swiss Sheep Farm, I realised that 3 hours journey are totally worth it. By the war, both of the theme park are located 40 mins away from Hua Hin city.

Aloha form Santorini Park. 
Me with a bouquet of flowers.

Driver stopped us at anonymous shop beside the highway. Totally know what it meant by authentic Thai foods. Here is it. Menu is in Thai so we just simply ordered both of this dishes - Instant noodle & Kuay Teow soup.

Finally reached our destination.

Entrance ticket : 50 baht per pax

Extremely impressed by the building's design there. Every lodges are in blue same with exactly thise building in Greece. Haven't been to there but my mom's friend told me about that, so I assume myself  there. heheheh. *imagination kills*

Not sure how to caption one by one cause all of it are amazingly beautiful.

Best solution is to let the pictures do talking. =)


Weather on that day was mad hot. So just dropped by stall and bought popsicle, 20 baht each.


Went to Trick Art Museum same with the one in Korea. You have to pay for it which is 240 baht.

The only picture that I've managed to get cause my camera is running out of battery. Totally didn't realised that I have another spare one. So.. I would like to suggest you guys to go for it and it's definitely worth for your money.

" Rescue me please, I'm in trouble "

Bumped into 2 adorable cute poodles. Their owners were super kind that allowed me to take pic with them. 

They even have their own stroller with portable fan. 

With all my aunts.

Initially, our driver said to us that 2 hours is sufficient but it was actually not enough for us cause we've visited Trick Art Museum alone already took us 1 and half hour. And still have park like ferris wheel, mary-go-around and others will need another 2 hours. So I freaking need to spend half day there for my next visit. And they have Santorini Water Park as well. I must visit next time.

We've moved on to next destination disregard insufficient time in Santorini Park.
Visited // Swiss Sheep Farm //. This main intention we got there was because of the Alpaca Farm.

Have to pay extra 120 baht to visit alpaca.

Three alpacas say "Hi". Air-conditioned alpaca farm.

  "Aplaca! Let's us take a selfie "

And more....

And more, more, more!


That's all for my Hua Hin trip. Will visit there soon in order to explore more new stuffs. 
Till then.

Happy Tuesday all. More interesting post will be coming up soon so stay tuned on my blog.

With love,

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  1. You mind sending me your hua hin iternary? thanks! :)


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