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Happy mid-week everyone. Finally back after few dreadful weeks cause was so busy on doing assignments and tests. So happy to be back at this space by sharing my fun weekend. Gonna do a real quick update cause I need to start my revision. Visited KL last weekend to celebrate grandma's birthday, just a simple dinner with all of my aunts, uncles and cousins. Thanks god I'm having revision break for two weeks continuously before my main exams so I'm lucky enough that I got to join them. 

Kick start my post with my #ootds. And yes, I chopped my fringe few weeks ago. How does it looks? :)

Personally love marble prints so much. And when marble prints come together with a dress? I just couldn't resist it at all. hehe. 

And we had our dinner at a restaurant near Damansara area. This longevity noodles tasted real good. I can have whole portion by myself. Slrpppppp.

Pic with grandma and mom. I would like to take this opportunity to send my regards to my beloved grandma. Wish you stay both healthy and wealthy.  

My one big family. Too many kids so this pic isn't that perfect. But still, family love. 

That's all for this update.
Am signing off to start my study so good bye everyone.

Have a great TGIF ;)

With love,

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