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Happy Sunday y'all. How's you weekend so far? :) 

Still in the midst of studying and I really hope that I can finish my exam ASAP and can't wait to go for my year-end holidays. Besides, I decided to do a post that compiles 5 different outfits and it's my first time doing this, so I hope you guys enjoy reading. Outfits below are those that I usually wore to attend class and more to comfy and casual outfits.

Let's have a look..

{ Button up shirt X Flare skirt in grid prints }

Perfect for every occasions and I wore it yesterday for Cason's annual performance. 

{ Comfy Stripe BodyCon Dress }

So sad that pictures turned out to be so blur and unclear cause I was using timer that time. :'( But let's see how I matched a simple bodycon dress and trussed up a cardigan on the top. 

{ T-shirt X A-line skirt }

A-line skirts just go perfectly with anything. Simple t-shirt, or any tops will do. Still, I have really bad quality of pictures. 

{ White dress }

Wanna have a sip of coke? This outfit perfect for any outings by just adding some necklaces to enhance the look.

This chain statement is the highlight of this outfit. Got it from Lovisa.

Last but not least, #5..

{Button-up shirt in stripe X Overlap Skort }

If you're wondering, my fav prints is definitely stripes! :)

Quality is bad again. Haih.

Hope you guys enjoy reading my post and I promise I will learn how to take good and better quality of pictures next time. See y'all next time and I will be blogging about Singapore Zoo next.

Thanks for reading and remember to follow me on twitter/instagram @sereneleticia as I will be updating quite frequently over there. Have a nice day and goodbye guys.

With love,

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