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Hello earthlings :)

If you happen to follow me on my Instagram @sereneleticia, you should've know that I just went to Bangkok a few weeks ago or to be more precise, should be last year. hehe. Can't tell how much I love BKK so much because of the people, foods and most importantly, shopping spree over there. ( Pardon me cause I tell the same thing in every Bangkok post haha). Went there with Jia Ying this time, yes just two girls for a week. Had really great time travelling with her and glad that both of ticked off places that we've planned to go during this whole trip.  But before that, I'd like to do a short update share my OOTDs during this trip first before I go into details for places that we've been to, which I will actually split into few different posts. So stay tuned guys :)

Greetings from Pattaya, Thailand.

Magnificent view from our hotel which just right opposite Pattaya beach. And loving my new high-waisted swimsuit.

I simply paired < Simple Crop Top X Flora Sleeping Pants > for my flight to BKK. 

Next day when I arrived in BKK city. And this was taken at outside of our hotel. 

< Flora Crop Top X Neon Yellow Midi Skirt >

Hello Mr Bunny!

< Two-piece Top and Bottom > 

Personally love the mesh details on it.

< Denim Pinafore X Stripe Oversize Tee x Slip ons >

< White maxi dress > in the sea of blooming sunflower.

Hope you guys enjoy reading and have a great weekend!

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  1. hello! where is the location of that blooming sunflower field? im going bkk next weekend! hehe =D

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    1. Hi Henry, it was located at Saraburi, three hours train ride from HuaLamPhong Railway Station. :) Have a nice trip in BKK..

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