[ #Travelogue: Day trip to Kyoto,Japan ]

Hello everybody! 

Welcome to back to this humble space. If you have been following my social media, I'm pretty sure that you will probably know that I just got back from Japan couple of weeks ago. By saying so means that it's time for another travelogue, am I right? I'm always grateful to have this space for me to pen down my footsteps around the world and able to share with each and everyone of you. After coming back from every trip, I will quickly spend time to pick and edit all of the photos cause I just can't wait to start writing a new post. 




Let's get started, shall we? :) 

Just a brief introduction, we've covered three major areas this trip, which are Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. And I personally find that I love Kyoto the most, this city is so comfortable and fascinating that makes me want to return again. This is the reason why I choose to publish this post first cause I can't wait to share with you guys how beautiful this place is. I swear I wouldn't just come for a day next time because it's simply insufficient to discover the beauty of this city. Is this a very good excuse to come here next time? I guess so. hehe. Kyoto offers quite a number of impressive tourist spots that you can't miss out such as Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Kinkaku-ji Temple, Fushimi Inari-taisha and many more, which I will be sharing more with u guys in this post! Legggo!

This time round, we selected three places to visit, which are Arashimaya Bamboo Grove, Togetsukyo Bridge and Eikan-dō Zenrin-ji. 

When I saw someone posted this place in Instagram, I was like zomg! I must to go this place! This place is so charming! 

Hint hint: Try to reach there as early as possible to avoid crowd. We were so lucky because we reached there by 8 plus, there was only few tourists there. So we can take our own sweet time to take photos. By the time we left at 10pm, we saw few groups of tourists walking in. I'm sure that you don't want your photos consistently photoboom by others right? :)

#motheranddaugthergoal is to travel around the world together. We made it to Japan this time round!
More to come.

Togetsukyo Bridge (a.k.a Moon Crossing Bridge) is one of the iconic landmark in Arashimaya. It looks particularly breathtaking in combination with the forested and mountainside in the background. 

I am completely impressed by this magnificent view. 

Chanced upon some random railways tracks when we are on our way back to Saga-Arashimaya station. We risk our life for pictures cause on-and-off there will be train passing by. 

We departed from Osaka to Kyoto in 5.30am just to avoid the crowd in the bamboo forest. But it's all worth it. I even tell my mom we should have reach even earlier. Ohaiyo! Us in the Shinkansen heading towards Kyoto station. Look at puffy our eyes in the early morning. 

How to get to Arashimaya Bamboo Forest and Togetsukyo Bridge?

Take a train from Kyoto station to Saga-Arashimaya (provided by JR Sagano Line). The whole journey is approximately 15 minutes. Upon your arrival at Saga-Arashimaya station, take the south exit and walk for another 10 minutes. There will be sign boards along the way so don't have to worry of getting lost. 

Another iconic building in Kyoto - Kyoto Tower. 

Next stop is Eikan-dō Zenrin-ji. 

This temple is one of the most popular spots in Kyoto to see autumn leaves. The peak of fall foliage usually comes in late of November to early December. So anyone of you going to Kyoto, please make sure to check this place out. 

Entrance fee is priced at 600 yen per person. 

Abundance of autumn colors. I'm in love with this picturesque view! 


How to get to Eikan-dō Zenrin-ji from Kyoto station?

Kyoto city bus No.5 from Kyoto station to Nanzenji-Eikando-michi bus stop and a 5-minutes walk to the temple. The journey from Kyoto station is apporximately 35 minutes. 

Thanks everyone for reading. Hope y'all enjoy reading. 

Have a great weekend ahead. 

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