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Hello and happy weekend everyone! I'm finally back from my half a month of vacation and got myself hibernate for almost a week. Now it's time for school with few assignments, presentations and exams. If you guys have been following my social platform like Instagram/Twitter, you'd probably know that I have been to Bangkok with one of my best friend, JY to explore Bangkok as well as Pattaya for a week. Definitely not my first time to Bangkok but it was always such a pleasure to travel with her cause both of us share the same interests and we have so much fun during that entire week in BKK. And so, please beware that there will be lots and lots of travelogues coming to you. *CHUCKLE*

I will be recommending you guys places to visit, to eat and to shop at this whole series of Bangkok travelogue. As for this post, I will be doing . Who are the fans of alpaca? This post is specially designated for you and make sure you keep an eye on it.

Let's get started.




#weekendshouldsmilelikethis // Prep myself up and ready for the adventurous day.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Reached there by 11 o'clock in the afternoon and the crowd in the market was massive. I always love shopping in weekend market/market cause I believe that all goods are in affordable pocket prices and yes, I love haggling with people too. The whole Chatuchak weekend market encompasses few different sections that vary from clothing,  decorations and handcrafts, food and beverages, gardening and even pet sections (which I'd usually shop for ahboy).

You can't imagine how big the market is? Check the map out!

This is the iconic clock tower in Chatuchak market.

Stopped  and got ourself chilled at some random beverage stall just to sip of of iced milk tea in such steaming hot weather. 

Was intended to find some restaurants to have our lunch and we ended up with eating various of street foods. 

First time trying quail eggs with soy sauce and generous amount of pepper and yeap, it taste surprisingly good.

And next we were up for coconut ice-cream.

#friendshipgoals Rule 1: There's always a good friend willing to try all sort of street foods with you.

My fav toppings goes to glutinous rice and nata de coco.

The highly raved coconut ice-cream. Wouldn't missed it whenever I'm in Chatuchak. 

Deep fried pork sausages taste really good. I can finish the whole things by myself too.

Look at the amount of red rubies.

The weather was extremely hot so after buying ah boy's snacks at pet session, we decided to head back to hotel and get some rest. My overall experience in Chatuchak was always beyond amazing.

How to get there?
Take BTS which generally known as skytrain to Mo Chit (Exit 1 or 3) -just follow the signage available or MRT to Chatuchak Park (Exit 1) or Kamphaeng Phet (Exit 1 or 2)

And we were off to Alpaca View Farm & Cuisne for dinner and have some fun with alpacas and bunnies. It was such a great place that I would definitely recommend you guys to visit cause the overall dining experience and ambience was great. Plus meeting my fav alpaca is another reason that urge me to visit there again.

They offer variety of foods from different stores as well such as Japanese food like sushi.

Her first attempt in carrying bunny. 

It's feeding session and 40 Baht for alpaca's food.

And let's the interaction with fellow alpacas begin. 

Super cute isn't? Look at their big, huge and watery eyes. 

And hello fluffy bunnies!

Both of us ordered 5 dishes in total but we were too busy to eat, so I have only pictures for their star dish - chicken wings and pad thai. On a side note, they served really good seafood tomyum as well as pineapple fried rice.

How to get there?
There are actually two or few options that you can get there. As for both of us, we took cab straight away from our hotel to the address as below and the cab fare is less than 200 baht from Phra Khanong BTS station.

Address: Lad Prao Wanghin Rd, Lat Phrao, Bangkok 10230


You can take MRT to Lat Phrao station and take cab from there which is 5-10 mins away from the exact location.

I found it quite hard to communicate with some of the taxi drivers so here is the map which shows the exact location of Alpaca View in Thai language. And the opening hour is from 15.00 till 01.00.

That's all for first part of my Bangkok travelogue and signing off now. 

Have a great night everyone and follow my instagram and twitter @sereneleticia for more instant updates.

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  1. omg alpaca in Bangkok?! I didn't know that..

    1. Hi Isabel. Yes there are alpaca in Bangkok. Make sure you check them out when you're in BKK next time :)

  2. Thkssss for the information 😘

  3. Ahaha 30 times I go to bangkok just know there is an alpaca in bangkok by read your blog... Thanks by the way for letting people know.


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