Farewell Dinner At T.G.I.Friday's

------->quick update!
#OOTN: Dress from Asos!

Just back from KL with friends and I'm pretty sure that we've spent quality time together! And we had our so called farewell dinner cause I'm leaving to Singapore to continue my study real soon.Alright,i know that i can back often but who knows maybe there're shitload of works waiting for me?*stress face*

I've been craving for steaks so i suggested them to go TGIF cause I love their steak.We went to the nearest outlet which was at One Utama.All of us dressed up nicely and wait taxi at the roadside!lol...

wish there is more Fridays!!TGIF

yes it's always Friday whenever u dine in there!same goes us lahhh...
flash light perfectly hit on the menu and therefore i can look so fair!yesh!
drinks of the night:Green Apple Slush,Orange Blast Slush,Pineapple Sunshine & November Sea Breeze
Starter:Loaded Patato Skin.U can choose either chicken and beef fillings and it' tastes incredibly nice..MUST TRY!
JY & I.
Monnie & TeyC
deng deng deng!let's see what we've ordered...

Sizzling Chicken & Shrimp.The cheese on the sizzling plate so crispy and so nice!
Sizzling Chicken and Cheese.OK about this,you will most probably feel disgust  with the chicken breast cause the portion is really huge!
my tennessee steak and i'm obsessed with the sweet tennessee sauce!!
and usually i will mix the sauce together with the mashed potato.try it so that you can know how it tastes like.my friend tried and she told me it was nice!
and lastly,tennessee chicken & shrimp..

us with our meals.

Gonna stop writing here.But more exciting post will be up soon like Dreams Bakery & Wondermilk!!


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