January's hauls..

  Ohaiyo guys..I'm back after so long,again..Pardon me for not blogging so often even though i have long holidays and now it's gonna end soon..urrghh..Have been so busy to prepare CNY's stuffs mainly like making CNY cookies cause i did it everyday with my grandmom..Wanted to go Legoland with friends but it gotta be canceled due to some reasons..shooo sad...:'(

  Speaking about January's haul,i'd be sharing you guys what i bought for that month and i decided to do it every month..so at least i got at least a blog entry for each month..but i hope i won't be that lazy..*finger-crossed* Apart from that,i can also know actually how much i've spent on all these things..Literally,the more i spend,the lesser the saving i can save each month..><

  Alright,January is the month before CNY so yea..i shopped for CNY..
this incredibly cute cat headband from Bugis Street for $5 each~

Accessories i got it from online except for the headband and vintage bangles!

My cute red cat bag from TwinklePebble..

Tops and Skirts for Cny..

This coordinate goes well with the bag right?teheeee~

My blue converse high top sneakers..

New flats..

AND yah...i think cute and pretty stuff deserves one more shoot right?here you go..

that's all my hauls for January..have a great day everyone..

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