Malacca Food Trip With Sistas!

Ello i'm back to this blogsphere again..=) Been so busy doing course assignements and revision for my exams and i'm finally free now..And other reason why i stop blogging for almost one month is because i got nothing to blog erhhhh ..=X but now i think i can blog more often liaoh..teheee...

Alright,back to topic..First blog post for snake year 2013 is about my malacca food trip with both of my beloved sistas..Plus i''m so clever enough cause i drove all the way from hometown down to melacca which was about 2 hours journey?Thanks to my companion of the day,Jia Ying cause she keep on talking with me during the whole journey to make me more energetic to prevent me from feeling sleepy..

Reached melacca at 12 noon and headed to MMU campus to tag another girl,Monnie alongggg..And then,this is how our food trip has begun..

#1 Chicken Rice Ball
- First food that we've hunted for is chicken rice ball which located at Jonker Street.I'm pretty sure that every tourists wouldn't miss this and so do we cause basically we wanted to act like tourists too even though we have been to melacca for unlimited times.haha..

Our luo han guo and also sour plum juice..

Our first attempt to try out this shop..but the feedback that we would like to give is hmmmm,taste not really good andddd...

Quite pricey~ and.....

Rice balls are a bit small size...lololol..

Yours truly & Monnie.

#2 Durian Puffs
Had super famous durian puffs at jonker street too..

this is commonly know as "One bite durian puff",so u cannot bite twice or more!hahahaha!or else the filling will split out..

but i don't really follow the instruction..i was sipping out all the durian filling first and then just eat up the puff..

#3 Durian Cendol
Ikr u will most probably think that "ewwww what?durian again?"....
We were actually quite full but we still wanted to eat this..cause it's impossible to drive back jonker street just for durian cendol..

It was wayyyy too sweet for us cause too much gula melaka i think...

both of them ohhh..

And three of us~

Headed back to hotel after that for a half and hour rest and also to let our stomach to rest as was like a garbage bin to let us dump all the food inside..hahahaha..View from our hotel room..just right opposite Dataran Pahlawan and can clearly see the swimming pool of the hotel..what a breathtaking view yea...

Trying so hard to snap a nice picture!

OOTD before going out..

#4 Capitol Satay Celup
Another nice food that every one of you cannot miss out one..which is the well known satay celup..
I personally like you tiao and also pork liver!How about you?

Us eating happily...but we are considerate people.we eat very fast cause...can you see crowd behind us?

Super long queue cause seats are really limited..Reach there at 5 o'clock if possible to avoid super long queue!

#5 Portuguese Seafood Village
We,the big eaters went Portuguese Seafood Village straight away to have seafood dinner.We can eat a lot that out of my expectation..lolololol..
Mango juice..
Super huge and juicy salted and black pepper crab..

Is this sambal fish?the chili paste was too awesome! *thumbs up*

and fried squid..nice and crispy..nom nom..

Had so much fun and doing crazy stuffs with them..heart-to-heart talk till the middle of night..Hoping to have another trip with both of them..i guess i would be great and amazing!alright,I gonna stop here...happy weekend everyone..

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