hi guys i'm here to blog again..ya i know it's almost end of February already and i have no any blog entry yet..=( will definitely blog more after exam..Alright,how was your CNY so far?Mine was moderate which means not really so fun like how i was expected but still considered not too bad..Get to meet up with some secondary school friends and gather with family members and of course non-stop eating..

#ootd for the first day of CNY..eyes looked extremely puffy and dark eyes circle..grhh..Bangs seem to be grown so fast and nearly cover my eyes..

Cousin and I..

Ugly post and yah we probably took less than 10 pictures this time..duhhh getting lesser and lesser...

Packaging of hampers nowadays are getting more impressive and of course all were so costly too i guess!

CNY's goodies...Most of them are made by my long as you can name it,very high probability u can get it like pineapple tarts,oat cookies,butter cookies,almond cookies,peanut cookies,coffee butter cookies and so on and on...

Lou shang session with family after dinner..

and this greedy kid just climb up to the dining table and grab it and eat...

what you usually do during CNY?we usually play mahjong instead of playing cards..i know this ain't a great picture to show out cause i got no jokers..haha..

and yahhh uncle bought us a 500 bucks firework on chor 2 and it only last for 2 minutes haha..let me show you..

Best shot of mine i guess haha..

Stary stary fireworks!

Hakka's traditional foods...

Red pockets that i received..yeay!

This special customized red pockets given by aunt & uncle all the way from Hong Kong which both of their surnames printed on it..very special right?

Relative's toy poodle in adorable flora skirt..

And last but not with frens..


#7 Everyone looks so happy except me TT


#11's time to sign off and get back to revision...

yes and this dragonfly stopped there pathetically almost half of  the day without six sense told me that it was most probably my grandpa..i hope it wasn't because you'd be going a place that much more better and live happily without worries..guess how much i miss you?i miss you so much and i hope u miss me too ok?Feel so incomplete without you:'(

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