New Year Resolution..Hmm...

During break time of economy class,one of my course mate approached ma and asked "Hey girl,what's your resolution for this year?".I stoned for a minute and answered back "Erhhh no any..". And after that i start thinking,should I think my resolution for this year?I think yes because i got at least some ideas what should i achieve in this year and motivation to move forward instead of dreaming all day long,right?

#1 Change
I think i like being pessimistic and think negatively most of the time.But in actual fact everything doesn't happen as bad as how i think.There are still wonderful people,yes i'm saying you *wink* around me through ups and downs of my life.Thanks for always being there.I will share my problems with all of my friends so bear with me please?mwahs..arghh words just can't describe how much i love my friends..*tears rolling in my eyes*..

#2 Travel
Apparently,i love travelling cause it's really interesting when u can leave your foot steps in different countries by knowing the country's culture and bla bla bla..I hope i can visit to country that i never go before like Vietnam,Japan,Indonesia;Europe countries like Italy,Switzerland,Germany,Turkey..ok la! i know is impossible for me to visit so many countries in one year..but at least i got motivation to save more money..*evil smile* Anddd i don't mind to visit places that i've been before cause i wanted to go Hong Kong,Taiwan,Bangkok and Korea so badly ahhhhhh..

#3 Achieve higher grade in study
So i guess this will be my resolution for every year until i can successfully graduate from a not-so-bad university..Study is the process that every of us need to go through in order to get a piece of paper..But this piece of paper is really so important ahhh..So must study hard and let my life shine all they way with that piece of paper..teheee..

#4 Elmo theme 20th birthday bash
I personally love sesame street and i would like to held a birthday bash which all about Elmo,Cookies Monster,Big bird...haha..and i wanted to have a photo booth with all the cute props so that i can snap pictures with the love ones..but erhh so many things need to prepare so this resolution still under consideration..but hor,i really hope that i can make it la..haha..

#5 Photoshoot in Taiwan
I only did a indoor photoshoot during my seventeen and not really satisfied with the outcome so i wish to have one more photoshoot in the future.And i'm a lucky girl because i get a really special offer from a planner from Taiwan that i can have an outdoor photoshooting session in Taichung with beautiful gownssssss!!omgggg..i fully hope that i can fullfill this resolution by end of this year but i still need to prepare some $$ to go there..but never mind cause this offer that she gave can valid for rest of the four years..i believe that i can make it although not by this year,maybe 2014 or 2015 or 2016! =)

#6 Learn foreign language
What foreign language that i want to learn so far?Hrmmm,i think will be Korean Language cause i can watch korean dramas without watching the tiring you know!!haha..I actually wanted to learn in Korea but since my time is limited so i think i will just join Korean language class at here..Can't wait to keep annyonghaseyo and kamshahamida!!yeay!!

#7 Blog
I hope i can share my happiness with you through blogging..*wink*

Hmmm,,i cannot think other resolutions already..basically 7 of the above is what i most desire to achieve in this year..and i hope u have set your resolution too..Lastly,wish every one has a joyful 2013!!!

Good night..Sugar dreams!

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