Great weekend indeed!

Hi y'all,i just came back from hometown and back in Singapore super late which was around 12 midnight cause my train had been delayed for almost 1.30 hours and it took me roughly 4 hours journey to reach Singapore!Suppose to reach at 9 plus but ended up reached home super late.*big sigh*

Must blog about some happy stuffs in order to brighten up my Monday blue.Spent every minutes in hometown quite productive and that's why i love to be in my own home,and of course i miss my own bed..haha..

#ootd for Friday!In love with this over sized stripe top that i get from Korea quite some time ago. =)

New shades ^^

Spent pretty big bucks in online shopping and my mom is gonna chop me into many pieces for spending so much. :/ let's see what i get ya..

All the premium quality of accessories from out the website to find out more ^^ Free shipping will be provided on all orders which exceeds RM 100.

From the top:     Bohemian Tribal Totem Knot Stretch Head Band,Flora Headband,Pastel Bunting,Lepping Unicorn Tunnel Studs,AND my favourite(on left) Pearl and Chain Hanging Hair Slide.

Was trying out the Flora Headband butttttttt i think my head is way too big so this kinda tight for me TT.But anyways,i think this look very nice so I will still use it.:P

Next is Black head Pore Cleanser Set that i get from Hermo.Will have blog about this at another blog entry.So,stay tuned!

Apart from that,I've also spent quality time with all my cousins!

Cutie Cason boy..

Three of us with our decent smile..wheeeeeee~ Just heart them so much..

That's all for my weekend..How about yours? 

It's Monday and tomorrow is Tuesday..So basically 4 more days to weekend..I know it sounds like I'm comforting myself but yea we have to stay positive isn't?

Tata folks! xoxo.

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