Lunch date @ Ichiban Boshi

hellooooo,just wanted to do a short update for today for not letting my blog turns hibernate...My family headed over Singapore cause we actually held BBQ at auntie's new place ^.^ but before my BBQ post,I'm just going to post about our family lunch date at Ichiban Boshi.

Kids having ice-cream doriyaki before getting into the restaurant..

Spent quality time with all of them cause we could hardly gather together unless there is any special occasions.Super excited when i know that everyone can make it for this time..

and yes..this is my new camera bag..nice or not?hehehheheheh..

My favourite (on right) Maguro Avocado and Norway delights on the left..

Salmon Maru..don't really like this..

This super crispy and mouth-watering chicken cutlets..

Kurobuta Spicy Teppan Gozen..Uncle said it was nice..

and lastly..

Ichiban Jyu..

Went to NTUC to shop for BBQ and we bumped into Mr.Owl..Kids went crazy by touching and shaking his/her hands..Feel so sorry about that But please forgive them cause maybe they thought not the real person is inside ok?

That's all for today and I'm going to sleep now cause have to wake up early tomorrow *sobs* .good slumber everyone...

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