The Lilac Box 3

Hi was your long weekend so far? Received my Lilac Box 3 awhile ago and finally i managed to unbox it on yesterday once i've reached my home cause I JUST CAN'T WAITTT..Super excited to discover another brand of beauty box in Malaysia with full of surprises..

I'm waiting anxiously to open my beauty box.Can't wait for even a second cause i know that Box 3 is gonna be amzaingggg!

A sweet note pasted on the back of the cover stating that "A brand-less box for you to reuse" Good way to reuse it since it was just a normal box,right?

Oh yaa! Did i mention to you that they only put premium products inside the box? *omg face* I'm ready to be impressed by this beauty box.

Yves Rocher Fresh Rose Shower Gel - 200 ml

Phyto Botanical Hair Relaxing Balm..I tried this immediately once i unbox-ed this beauty box..



Non-chemical hair relaxing balm that smell pleasantly and it's suitable for all hair types..

Guess what? Non-greasy formula leaves hair smooth and nourished and i'm in love with it..Thinking to get the actual size one cause it's way different from normal hair essential oil..

Babor extra firming cream & extra firming eye cream.
Not really know about this brand but anyways,Babor was product of Germany.

Max factor New 2 in 1 foundation + serum..

It came with two shades which were Light ivory 40 and Natural 50..
Each shade has 5 sachets so in total is 10 sachets..

Last but not least...

See by Chloe Perfume and also Payot Drying and Purifying Gel & Purifying care..

Overall,i'm satisfied with the contents in this beauty box but i think they could make it better by bringing more surprises for their subscribers..

Interested in subscribing The Lilac box? Check'em out at their facebook page as they will update regularly..

and their official website by clicking...

Have a great Sunday everyone..Byebye.. :)

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  1. hi, can I know is the phyto Botanical Hair Relaxing Balm watering? cos recently i bought the one is so watering, im not sure if the product is authentic


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