Birthday Celebration PT 1

Hello everyone!
 I just came back from my Vietnam trip and still having diarrhea after that trip but i'm getting a lil bit better today..Will blog about the entire trip soon as i was having long long holidays now..Btw,i just completed my diploma ( degree first year ) and still waiting for results for my last 2 papers..Hopefully i will pass the last 2 subjects so that enable me proceed to second year.. *finger crossed*

As the title suggests,i'm going to do a short update for my birthday celebration that my friends had prepared for me last 2 weeks..Considered it as an advance birthday celebration and i felt so loved and heartwarming for that..They appreciate me as i do and what i want to say is Thank you all of you for everything..

They bought me really cute cupcakes from Wondermilk and purposely brought it from KL despite all the obstacles like car break down and etc..The cake may seem to be very cacat but i really thankful for that..

Celebrated at around 12 AM due to some schedule clashing.. And mentioned in twitter before that i wanted a  balloon party so YeePang purposely blown me a balloon..haha..

Look friggin ugly here but with my cute ladybird cupcake <3 p="">

With Ah Kent.

Yee pang.

And TeyC.

Lastly,group photo of four of us.

Blown unlimited times of candles just wanted to get a nice picture so here you go..

Making a wish..

Few polaroids were taken to mark this memorable day down..

Thank you for preparing a small celebration for me and truly blessed to have such amazing friends by my side..

Till next time... 

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