About Me // 15 Facts

Happy public holiday and Tuesday everyone. I hope y'all are doing great. just a normal day for  me so  i decided to blog something about myself so here you go. hehehe. So random.




1.  I came from a single-parent family. Dad and mom divorced since i was 2 y/o. I feel self-abased quite  frequently when comes to family matters especially when i'm in primary, form teacher will usually asked who comes from single-parent family, I feel like digging a hole to hide inside. My  mother is my pillar of strength throughout all these years.

2. People don't know how to pronounce my english name - Shieu Yi well every time . Even myself will get confuse too sometimes.

3. The first man on earth i love the most is my grandpa. I celebrate every single Father's day with him but he passed away when i was sec 3. After that I never celebrate Father's day anymore. I love you and really hope that you're doing good at another place.

4. Life can be ironic. Math is the subject that i hate/bad at. But i decided to take Accounting for my degree which need to deal with lots of calculation and numbers.

5. I don't earn money. But i hope that i will get my allowance in the near future instead asking from my mom.

6. I love traveling because it's one way that enable me to learn things real quick and look around the world with my own eyes.

7. Planning to join work and travel programme after my studies to my dream place - US. My second choice would be NZ.

8. Beach vacation is always my first option. Maldives, Lombok, Boracay, Koh Samui, Phuket and other beautiful islands are my love.

9. I'm pessimistic person. I cry quite frequent and feel down easily. Small matter is enough to ruin my mood for whole day.

10. I'm weirdo. I will choose noodles over rice.

11. Friends play vital role in my life. I love em. But some of em have been hurt me too much before but i will still choose to forgive them plus erase bad memories before. Frankly speaking, this is one of my weak point that allows them to hurt me more. I'm trying to be stronger and more though.

12. I love dog and i can finally have one this year. Am super happy about this cause he's sucha happy pie to me.

13. I always looking forward to surprises but I don't know how to react when beautiful surprises happen real in front of me. I just tend to be silly sometimes. Hehehe.

14. I think wearing glasses is cool when i'm kid so I intentionally let myself to wear glasses / short sight. My sight getting worse when i'm sec 5 so now i can't live without specs. But i hate to wear glasses i think is uncool. #imsoregret! ><

15.I will do silly and stupid stuffs  just make people around me to smile. A joke or funny face expressions is enough to make them happy for all they long then i am happy too!

That's all for today and there are more facts about me so i guess i should leave it for next time.

Thank you for reading. good night y'all.


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