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Hello guys! I'm coming back with an overdue travelogue. Initially, I was thinking of not to get this post done but ended up I decided to just draft it cause this place is incredibly beautiful and amazing, which sounds like a sin if I don't share with every single one of you. It was actually my last trip to BKK with JY if you can recall, we decided to include Saraburi/Lopburi Sunflower Field in our itinerary. We were both super excited to see the full bloom sunflower field by ourselves. FYI, Lopburi and Saraburi are the provinces that located in Central Thailand which are about two hours drive from BKK or three hours journey if you're travelling by train or bus. In order to left no regrets behind, make sure that you plan your trip at the correct timing. Sunflowers in these areas are usually in full bloom between November till January.

The whole 3.30 hours journey from Hua Lamphong Train station to Saraburi was a disaster for both of us. It might as well was the scariest and torturing journey for both of us. Both of us actually did some researches before our trip and the day before but Darn! everything turned out really bad unexpectedly. We leave our hotel at 5 a.m in order to catch the earliest train to sunflower field but unfortunately, the tickets were all sold out. We then met some foreigners that got their train tickets few days in advance and they told us that we can actually reached there by alighting at Saraburi station. We both quickly went to buy tickets which cost us only 40 Baht. We started to feel really curios and panic by that time, was wondering how can the fare be so cheap. After buying the tickets we just realised that the train is actually different. Usual fare from Hua Lamphong Train station to Saraburi sunflower field priced at approximately about 240 baht. As for us, our train will only alight at Lopburi station which is still one hour away from Saraburi sunflower field. By the time we alighted at Saraburi train station, we spent almost one hour liaised and bargaining with the taxi driver  It was really nightmare for both us cause the train itself is very dirty and uncomfortable. :'(

After this incident whereby me and JY met, I read lots of reviews from different sources and I think it will be good if I am able to sort out few easy and convenient ways for you guys.

1. Book private car from Bangkok to Saraburi Sunflower field. Even though it might be the most expensive among all of the options, but you can save more time.

2. By train. But make sure that you made reservation few days or maybe one week in advance and ensure that you hop on the special "sunflower" train that available on weekends and public holidays during blooming season. Check the train schedule and more info at Thailand State Railways official website.

3. By bus. Two hours journey from Mochit Bus Station to Saraburi.
For more info regarding departing time, check out the link below:  

Hope y'all find the information helpful.

The entrance will be 10 bath for each but it may varies depending on which sunflower field you guys are visiting. Some of them are free of charge and some of them may charge at higher rate such as 50 bath per pax. 

Is this real? The view is so breathtaking cause it seems like all there sunflowers are saying HI to me. I have never seen such magnificent view in my life before. 

#bffgoals : Travel around the world together. When will be out next trip again? 

Can't believe that I am able to make a trip to this picturesque tourist spot. Trip to BKK is no longer spending time solely on shopping anymore. 

I miss my long hair, very berry much. TT

Bidding farewell to this surreal scenery. 

Till next time. 

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Have a great day and see you at next post :)

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