Poulet - Amazing French Toast Dining

Just had my presentation done today but i think i'm screwed during the Q&A session..but anyway,not going to talk about school thingy since it was already over and i guess it's time for me to take break..However,not forgetting that i actually have another assignment which due on Wednesday.

Had awesome French casual dining in Poulet during Saturday with my aunt and what i can said is just dishes over there just beyond amazing especially desserts..see..I'm started to get hungry at this moment already.. =X I've seen this restaurant in Great World City and aunt & I made a prompt decision that we will be visiting this restaurant as soon as possible.

There are actually few branches in Singapore which are in China Town Point,Bugis Plus and also Great World City.As for us,we went to the China Town branch cause we think that this branch will less packed if compared with other two.

Setting up table for us  ^^

Are you ready for food pics?

WARNING: so many scrumptious food pictures below..



Deng Deng Deng.. (Sound like a happy kid when posting about foods..lol..)

Appetizer - Salad de Paris. I really never try such appetizing salad before i swear..Super in love with chopped garden salad which mixed with dried cranberries,roasted pine nut,black olive and served with French dressing.

Country Side Mushroom Soup..


Chicken & Fig Marmalade Sandwich..their fries simply look yummy isn't?

Star Dish - Poulet Roti which generally mean by roast chicken served with creamy homemade mushroom sauce..You will just couldn't get enough of it..

Close up shot for this..I guess you will most probably start imagining how good the taste will be right?

More to come!!

This is my favorite part - DESSERTS!

Banana Bread Pudding..This kind of special because the combination of banana and warm bread pudding and topped with vanilla ice-cream..

Another one will be Tiramisu..Strongly recommended this..Mascarpone cheese will just melt in your mouth within a second and sponge finger which soak in espresso and rum syrup is so nice as well..I'm missing it now already..sob..

Hey hey!It's me noming on this awesome dessert..teheee..

Alright that's all for today...Night Night..


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