Trip to Ho Chi Minh City,Vietnam { Day 1 }

 As i've promised at the previous post said that i will be updating Vietnam's post this weekend so here am I to start posting about day 1 and i've been there for 5 days in total.Tons of pictures that i wanted to share here and i've basically spent my whole afternoon in editing and compiling those pictures.So please do appreciate my post hahaha :D

And guess what,i'm able to visit a country that i never been before cause this is my first time visiting Vietnam with my family..Always love travelling to new places to learn and experience new things..:) I would rather save more just for TRAVELLING..

Let me start off with Day 1 first..

Touched down Tan Son Nhat International Airport at 4 something and fastly claimed our baggage.

Bought a data plan sim card for 114,000 VND to stay connected..What i want to say was the coverage of phone networks was overall quite strong..But anyway,u can easily connected to WiFi if you're in shopping malls or coffee shops too.

The journey from airport to our hotel took approximately 45 mins. Checked in Novotel Saigon Centre and the hotel was quite spacious.

What's my first impression of HCM city? City that filled with zillion of motorbikessss and they like to horn with or without any reasons.. Everyday i walk passed the street all i've seen mainly was motorbikes and what i could have heard were hornsssss... Not being exaggerate but i'm just telling the truth..

Complicated and bulky wires which exactly same as Bangkok!

Since it was evening,we just randomly picked a restaurant-5KU station that near us and hence we were ready to FEAST..

See the motorbikes right behind me..

Aunt & mom <3 br="" nbsp="">
Drinks that we've ordered. Sting- taste pretty much same v strawberry syrup & Vietnamese named it Sa Xi instead of Sarsi like us..

And Saigon beer..

Till then mouth-watering Vietnam cuisines were ready to be served..

It was good and satisfied dinner and i had stuffed a lots of beefs and seafoods into my tummyy..

Spent huge amount for our dinner!

What's the best thing after eating? It must be SHOPPING undoubtedly...Walked along the street and found a shop selling all US branded kids apparels like GAP,Old Navy so all of us get mad crazy inside choosing clothes for cousins..

That's all for my Day 1 in HCM city..

More to come so stay tuned..


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